Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Advanced Studies

I'm watching some great knitting video bloggers updates and feeling guilty about my sadly ignored blog. I do think that I have some fun things to share... but I think that I end up turning it into a task which isn't as much fun as just sharing.

So, no set schedule (that I know I'll break)

No specific types of updates (that I know I won't keep up)

But just some fun sharing as it comes... probably NOT going to be filled with hats as past updates were (although I may keep some counts going... it's just that when you knit nearly 100 hats a year, I'm sure a blog filled with hat pictures is just - well, tedious.


Advanced Studies.

In HPKCHC - you get to do OWLs (one per term, and 12 subjects) and NEWTs (one for four months - the month before and term, and a combination of any 2 of the possible OWL subjects) - one or the other.

I've had a goal for a REALLY long time to get all 12 subjects completed once and become an OWL Mistress.

I'm hoping I'm not jinxing myself -  but I'm shooting for the Divination OWL this term (hopefully my 12th OWL - woot!).

I've got big plans... some of which are more frustrating than others.

First a basket. I've been playing with reeds and crochet and I think I've got it sorted out how to make a nice basket... though I've been wrong before.

Second, a rug. I've been dyeing to make a "Jump to Conclusions" mat for ages... and with the lessons learned that a basket made with crochet and clothesline rope (soggy basket) - I think I sorted out a quick, easy way to make a rug. Not so sure about the embroidery to put the verbiage on it... but I'm sure I'll sort that out.

Third, a redo on a previoulsy attempted sweater. The yarn dye lots might have gotten mis-labeled and I couldn't handle the color variation the way it was - so I ended up frogging the whole thing and am going to start over attempting a subtle wide stripe.

Then we ALSO have Order of the Phoenix Missions....

I'm going to join the Hill Vintage Knit-a-long this summer - and make TWO, yes TWO summer tops. I've had Phoenix on the queue for ages and bought the magazine the second I saw that pattern... and I got swept away with some really unusual and brightly colored yarn that I'm hoping to combine with some teal and make a cute summer top. I don't usually like to use a lot of highly variegated yarn in clothing (well, other than socks/mittens)... so it took me a bit to think of something that would be a show-case for the unusual yarn. I'm going to attempt to do a yoke in Indian Cross Stitch; then a simple teal tube (still not sure how to join the two - but I'm sure I'll sort it out.

Need to finish all five items by July AND all my monthly projects as well... so much knitting to do, not enough time  - of course, if only I didn't have to work full time.

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